We have a large fleet of specialized machinery

Vertical  Mechanised Centres CNC (3axis)
5 unit (x=1500/1200mm; y=700/600mm; z=600/500)
Vertical  Mechanised Centres CNC (3-4axis)
3 unit (x=640mm; y=500mm; z=500mm)
Horizontal Mechanised centres (4axis)
1unit (x=800mm; y=800; z=800mm; a=360º)
Mechanised Centres CNC (5axis)
2 unit (x=630mm; y=630mm; z=500mm; a=360º)
1 unit (x=850mm; y=850mm; z=700mm; a=360º)
Lathes CNC C (2axis/4axis Multitask)
3 unit (Diameter 300mm; z=400mm/700mm)
Wire-EDM cutting machine.  (3axis)
1 unit (x=600; y=600; z=500mm)
Parallel lathe (2axis)
1 unit (Diameter 250mm; z=300mm)
Sierra Corte Automático.
2 unit (Diámetro Max 280mm)
Tridemensional DEA (automatic)
2 unit (1200mmx770mmx500mm)
Projector profiles (Digital DELTRONIC 216)
1 ud (250mmx150mm)
50X microscope
1 ud